Indochina’s Pearl In Center Of Glamour Saigon

When talking about Saigon, the first thing that comes to our mind is a city with a modern and hustle lifestyle. Indeed, hustle Saigon makes us forget that there used to be an ancient Saigon which was quiet, peaceful and imprinted with the Vietnamese soul.

The journey to old Saigon is recreated right at the hotel chain of Lotus Hospitality, where visitors can come and feel the peace in every moment.

With a design full of Indochinese breath, nostalgia was demonstrated by Lotus Hospitality in the hotel chain, evoking a cozy, slow typical atmosphere of Saigon in the 1960s. Moreover, the highlight of this discovery journey is the hospitality and sincerity of Lotus Hospitality's staff, with the desire to provide the most professional and thoughtful services so that the customers can enjoy the comfort, kindness and hospitality of old Saigon.

Lotus has symbolized the nobility, personality & national culture of Vietnamese. Lotus Hosipitality also selects the lotus as a representative with the mission of preserving and developing cultural and human resources in contemporary and modern service and tourism industries.

Lotus Hospitality is a complex of hotels and resorts with Far Eastern breath including

Lotus Central Hotel

Always bring satisfaction to you

Lotus Boutique Hotel

Convenient location with best facilities & services

Sunshine Antique Hotel Saigon

Always bring satisfaction to you

Sen Viet Hotel

Always bring satisfaction to you

Sen Viet Phu Quoc Resort

Always bring satisfaction to you

Each hotel member in the chain is invested and meticulously cared for. This brings a perfect combination called Lotus Hospitality – Indochina’s Pearl in the middle of glamour Saigon.

Lotus Hospitality

Add: 102 – 104 – 106 Le Thi Hong Gam Street, District 1, HCMC, Vietnam
Tel: +84 (028) 3914 7070